Australia is on Fire

Australia is on fire.

It probably is a good idea to know about it. Why so? Because if nothing is done, the equivalent will happen here, wherever that happens to be…

In the absence of any detailed reporting apart from the usual sound bite/video clip sensational pictures of walls of flame, social media is the best source of information.


This astonishing kid is motivating millions of people.


Which is a good thing because there’s plenty of this…


There was a time when doctors would advise people to smoke cigarettes. They don’t do that any more do they?

The world needs to give up smoking.




London Assurance at The Irish Rep

From a theatre history point of view London Assurance is unique. Dion Boucicault wrote it in three weeks in 1841. He was twenty. Some sources give his age as eighteen at the time.

That’s me sliding into character in the dressing room

The human Dionysus Boucicault captured some of the Dionysian spirit and poured it in this soufflé of a play. A piece which might also be called a keggeree, or a bubble-and-squeek. There are multiple overt and inferred Shakespearean references and themes, not to mention the derivation from Restoration and Carolinian drama generally. But then, if you were twenty (or eighteen) and had three weeks to write a play what would you do?

With the incomparably fabulous Rachel Pickup in rehearsal

Such derivative literary technique is time-honored of course. Shakespeare never bothered with an original plot as is well known, and looking forward through the 1800s, Oscar Wilde and Brandon Thomas evince traces of Boucicault – certainly Noel Coward in the 20th century took a minor character from London Assurance and made him famous as “Sollox” in Private Lives.

And the same moment, or just before, in performance

It’s always a vexed question for an actor as to whether to read reviews when the play opens. On this occasion I did. The press… well you can see for yourself at

Kudos to my fellow cast members, to numerous to list here but again, details at Each of the actors I’m privileged to work with on this one, brings a lively inventiveness and vivid reality, helmed by the ever-creative Charlotte Moore, founder member of the Irish Rep, which translates to a sublime couple of hours in the theatre – Geez, I’m writing my own review here – reminds me of the famous dialogue between Anthony Sher when he played Richard III and Michael Caine who saw a performance.

Caine: And what about those reviews?!

Sher: Oh, I don’t read reviews.

Caine: Read ’em! You fuckin’ wrote ’em, didn’t you?

I am delighted to report that the show is selling well, we play thru January 26th 2020. The play among other things is an entertainment-antidote to the current state of world affairs, and I am able to write the time-honored marketing phrase, “Book now to avoid disappointment.” And just in case you missed it: London Assurance, directed by Charlotte Moore, tickets at



Casting Call forGreta

We also have governance by denial.

Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money.” Attributed Native American saying.

What is this frustrated-green-rant doing in a blog about acting? – Scroll down for answer.

Greta Thunberg – the heroine of our times

The solutions are there

The Biggest Little Farm They brought the soil back to life

Wilding This is a technically dense account of returning the land to nature

The Man Who Planted Trees A novel by Jean Giono

Australia is burning, the oceans are dying, the ice is melting, plastic particles too small to see clog soil, water and now air, earlier this year California was up in smoke as was the Amazon.

What will it take for those who govern to wake up? What do oil and coal execs imagine, that they will be living in just the right places unaffected by the coming catastrophe?

It would be good if there was an outbreak of responsible action amongst those in power, because recycling our plastic packaging at home is probably not going to do it.

And why does some actor that you’ve never heard of post a splenetic piece like this?

Well I bet you a dollar that the honchos who run Hollywood are even now considering who will play Greta Thunberg in the movie. Maybe I could play some 70s/80s/90s/2000s politician who knew but did nothing…

And the movie will gross what it does and the planet will continue to turn and the Sun to rise. But will anyone in power do anything meaningful…?