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Acting USA. Bret Adams 212 765 5630


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8 replies on “Contact”

I thoroughly enjoyed your performance in “End of the Rainbow”! No need to have worried, your piano playing looked very natural and I was in the third row and play the piano. The show was delightful from top to bottom. I hope to see you on stage in the future. All the Best!

Hi Colin.. very much enjoy reading your blog and so good to read of your on -going work..
In case you have no idea of who is writing this.. I’m Steven Ray from Christchurch, NZ and I made contact a couple of years ago in the hope I’d be coming into NYC.. Well, I’ll be in Manhattan from 1st August until 5th August.. a short time I know however if you are around I’d love to catch up for a coffee and general chat..
I’m staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania close to the ‘Garden’ for an event I’m attending..
If you are in the city and free any day over that weekend I hope to see you..
All best,

WTF is going on is an entirely appropriate response to this mayhem! Actors have such unstable lives as it is. I met up with a woman once said to me, “Oh you are an actor — you must be rich!” Well, where has she been for the last 500 years? I don’t practice my profession anymore but for workshops, but this kind of misconception -confusing celebs with working actors, especially stage actors is rather unsettling. I’m sure this woman is not alone. Hopefully the curtain will rise for you sooner than later—what a colossal mess we’re in! Prayers, positive, love

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