Can’t Go to the Theatre?

At the moment the inside of most theatres is like this:

Announcing the Guest Spot. Please take a look at the content there. You may not be able to go to the theatre in the present circs. Three varied niche pieces come to you!


And in other News

If you’ll take a look at the Video page you’ll see an interview with me by Margaret Ledford who helmed the Engage@GableStage project, which has commissioned a series of projects. The short 15 minute film we’re talking about will be premiered exclusively at on Friday September 18th.

So… the focus of this blog… was acting and allied subjects… hmm… the issue, as I’m sure you understand, is that live theatre depends upon lots of paying customers in close proximity to each other and within breathing space of the stage…

No sign of that returning just yet.

In which case what shall we talk about? While you’re here please sign up for the blog so as to find out!






New Improved McPhillamy

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New improved McPhillamy is not, it has to be said, startlingly changed from old-retro McPhillamy. Except now the site comes to you in classic British rural colours (and spelling). The green is an approximation of British Racing Green, a famously elusive shade, and the cream compliment is reminiscent of the busses that used to grace the British country side, going to places like Stow-in-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-Water, and a village that I believe Bill Bryson may have written about: Nibbling-on-the-Bone.

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