Guest Spot

Three niche theatrical pieces here. Each one in the UK, one virtual, one live, and one to come… Each piece from an old friend and fellow-student.

I start with a brief conversation I had with Mark Carey about his show “Into the Breach”. I asked him how his performances went yesterday. His answer reminds me why we do it.

Then, in order of coming appearances:

Live online this Friday 25th September  

Harry Burton brings us a unique niche Harold Pinter event. A rehearsed reading adapted from Pinter’s only novel, The Dwarfs.

Tickets available here

By the way, if you search Harry and Harold you’ll find lots of interesting material up to and including Harry’s fascinating documentary on Pinter, available here.

Then, a socially distanced live performance: 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October

A superb solo by Hilary Tones on one of the great actresses of the last millennium, Sarah Bernhardt. If you can’t make it yourself maybe you have a friend in London who would enjoy some socially distanced live theatre! There’s a trailer here:

Details and tickets here

And talking to Hilary about the show:

And here is Mark’s promo video for “Into The Breach”. The show can be booked here.

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