11 thoughts on “The Seafarer

  1. Carol

    Our hearts are with you! We’ll be deep in matzoh and haroset while you’re bringing this amazing play to life. We will be home before 11:30, no worries, eager to hug and hear. xxx >

  2. Wild Thyme Productions

    Break yer leg t’ night.

    J xx

    PS: Have you managed to catch up with Charlotte Randle (RIII in Germany) who has just opened in YERMA at the Park Avenue Armory? If not, and when you do, please send her my love.

  3. bdirickson

    Ohhhh sending SO MUCH LOVE AND WISHES FOR A BRILLIANT RUN To you in Ireland …from here in insane ((for just a minute I’m sure), USA

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Michael Mastro

    Saw the dress, as well. Beautiful production all around, and I was particularly gobsmacked by the work of one Colin McPhillamy!!!! Don’t miss it, people!

  5. Henny Russell

    I’m sooooo sorry I missed the dress! I got out of Penn Station at 6:45pm … and very grumpy! PLEASE let me know if other opportunities arise. Break legs!

    Love, Henny

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  6. Daniella

    You were on fire last night Colin !! What an incredible performance you gave. Thank you for making me laugh so much and yet so truthful and full of life ! You are an inspiration, I wish you well in spirit!!


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