A Real Blogger?

My third post in as many weeks?!: I may be in danger of becoming a real blogger!

My second Irish play in 12 months: … and although I estimate the Irish to be a magical people … a real actor? I think it unlikely, after all … “the best in this kind are but shadows.”

The Seafarer

I come by Irish connection honestly. My maternal great-great-grandfather emigrated from Dublin to Sydney in 1860 and in 1816 others in my maternal line were transported to Australia for making pot’een (whiskey) without a license. A manufacture that I call a service, not a crime.


Half my blood is Celtic.

Tickets available here

Great play, great cast. Tickets going fast.

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Wish I were working on this with you, Colin. I have done many Irish Rep shows, including Broderick’s last one. Alas, it is not to be.


Congratulations, Mr McPhillamy! Wish I could see it. Off to Utah for a Twelfth Night. Enjoy!

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