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When it comes to day jobs I have found it sensible to go alphabetically.

It’s the first time in quite a while that I have absolutely no idea of what work comes next. Oh sure, there’ve been gaps but I’ve nearly always had light at the end of the tunnel in the form of an (admittedly sometimes distant) job, and if occasionally that turned out to be an oncoming train, well even then, as Clark Gable says in The Misfits, “It’s better than working.”

But today the phones are quiet with the silence of mystery.

So …

Acrobat, Aerialist, Ardvaark-wrangler … and now … Astrologer.

Don’t laugh.

I mean it.

tarot-magicianI’ve always known what I wanted to do in life. When I was three I wanted to be a train driver, then a milkman. Aged 5 I played the evil baron in the elementary school production of Swan Lake. It involved a lot of jumping around.

At 6 I began to be interested in the planets and the stars and learned some basic astronomy, the orbital periods of the planets in our solar system, the names of the moons of Mars, some of the speeds of planetary axial spin.

This fascination held for a few years until I got tangled up with the quest for the other kind of stardom. It became my intense wish to become an actor. I took a few serious detours in youth and nearly didn’t make it, but somehow got to the Central School aged 20.

To be an actor, as perhaps you’ve heard me mention before, is in no way sensible.

But then life isn’t. Is it? Sensible.

I’ve always had a push-me-pull-you relationship with the craft. Always keeping an eye out for something else. Knowing that it would never be lawyer or doctor or engineer, always kind of held in the theatre, never quite ever achieving the velocity to escape its gravitational pull … mostly fulfilled in its orbit.

But lately something has changed … so I’m starting a practice in which I offer readings in both Tarot and Astrology.

For the initial 90 days beginning mid February thru mid May 2016 I’m offering pay-what-you-like readings to readers of this blog.

Contact me if interested.

More info here

Skeptics welcome!

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Marvellous Col! Best of luck with it. Personally, I can think of few things worse than knowing the future: this acting lark (nearly typed ‘lack’, a Freudian misprint) is crazy enough without anticipating its ineffable mystery. Don’t take away my dreams, Col.

Very best as always,

Hi Colin, I only just had the opportunity to go to your Astrology & Tarot website.  Well done!     I’ve always been drawn to these subjects, and also to mediums.  Many years ago, when I lived in London, I had an amazing session with a visiting Scottish medium at the Spiritualist Association there, but I’ve not been able to find her in recent years and assume she must have passed on by now.  But she told me things that I had no previous knowledge of (names of my grandparents and an aunt, on my mother’s side, etc).  My mother had never told me these details, and they had died before I was born. Checking back with my mother (a true sceptic) she was very moved by the messages they all sent her, through me.  I’ve had tarot sessions in the UK and Singapore, and had my chart read many years ago.  Also, had a palm reading, which proved very accurate So – I am very open-minded when it comes to all these fields.  I can see me consulting you at some point soon, Colin.  I wish you much success in your other chosen field!      Very best wishes, Lesley 

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