The Guy in the Red Shirt

From time to time I consider alternative careers.

I’m an actor, but equally, some professions that also start with ‘A’ are:

Accountant … Acrobat … Astronaut …

While each of these is appealing in its own way, none quite satisfies in the way my recent discovery can.

Talking Head

Do you ever watch U.S. cable news?

There are some airports where you have no choice while walking through public space. I admit to taking in a few minutes every month, just to see what they’re positing. Usually (well, always), I find the content interchangeable with previous months, and the style from one side to the other strangely similar.

By which I mean; even with the volume turned way down, all the news anchors, using here the word ‘news’ in its loosest possible sense, and nearly all the guests, sound hyper-caffeinated — in a word ‘loud’. And at each end of the horizontal political line, pundits are variously outraged, insulted, appalled at the anti-patriotic activities of the other.

Plus ca change … as we say in Europe.

However …

Benchmark TV

I offer this segment from Benchmark TV for your consideration

Full disclosure, the producer is an Australian law firm well known to me.

Benchmark offers a unique, niche print and email publication for the legal profession in Australia, and is now producing content in other media which could appeal to a wider audience.

This interview was a lot of fun to do, and it was a welcome experience to exchange thoughts with the expert Catherine McDonald, an advanced practitioner in another line of business. However, the immediate personal consequence is, now I also have to consider …

Advocate … Attorney

And moving through the alphabet …

Barrister …

Meanwhile, maybe the portly chap in the red shirt has a future — opining for the cameras?

Only time will tell, but in this month’s bulletin I put myself forward for the selectors.