The beginning of the end (Phase One, O.L.M.)

Day 13 !?!

(Who knew if we’d ever get this far?)

I call this composition, “Still Life With Vegetables and Some Fruit”. Day 13 (of 15) and I am beginning the transition back to some solid food a little in advance so as to be able to eat a bit of traditional Christmas dinner without spontaneously combusting.


Drawing inspiration from Van Gogh and the Impressionists, I have assembled the image above. You’ll notice in the background a tough new juicer upper left in the frame, my new best friend. Upper right we see a cafetiere, in which I make my single daily cup of coffee. Yes! Down to one cup (in a way the biggest change and benefit of this whole juice adventure). I plan to stabilize at one cup and later, start a slow treck to half decaf – not going to rush it, having had experience of caffeine withdrawal before and it’s fierce.

Note also the three glass jars down stage centre behind and below the peppers, underneath the lemon. These glass jars contain what is, in my opinion, the finest vegetable soup ever made. It’s the sort of soup that might have been mentioned in scripture (and I don’t mean a mere “mess of pottage”).

Hey! If the acting thing doesn’t work out, the world needs vegetable soup.

12lbs and falling.