We Interrupt This Juice Fast…

With news of an unusual theatrical footnote.

On Saturday we received a phone call from Ciaran O’Reilly co-founder of The Irish Rep and excellent director. On Sunday Patricia Conolly, highly experienced actress of Broadway fame (who happens to be my wife), took over at very short notice in The Irish Repertory Theatre’s production of The Dead 1904. Patricia saw the show once and after a single brief rehearsal, joined the cast on Sunday in performance complete with period costume. I rushed from the end of my show catching a subway uptown and then a cab across Central Park and I made it just in time for curtain.

Patricia looked as though she was born to play the part, she excelled in the role, bringing all her own charm and quality to the event. The lady whom she replaced was temporarily indisposed and is expected to return to the show tomorrow.

The Dead 1904 is an adaptation of the short story by James Joyce. It is set in a house belonging to two sisters in Dublin who are holding a dinner party, there is, in truth, not much plot, not much story. The evening is a slice-of-life event, beautifully acted by a superb ensemble, and a fascinating insight into the time and place. What there is, is dancing and singing, and food.

Food. And Drink. Sherry before, wine during, port afterwards. And did I mention.. food?

The patrons mingle with the actorsimages and are seated amongst them, while dinner is served. It is a splendid repast. Once again for emphasis: dinner with alcoholic beverages. Had this occurred merely 10 days ago, I would have joined the reveling theatre goers and done justice to the hospitality, but none of the above is any use to you if you happen to be in the middle of a juice fast. Oops!

But I enjoyed the show.

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This is fantastic! Huge congratulations and utter respect to Patricia for jumping in with only one rehearsal!! She is an inspiration, even more than she already was!!!!!!!!! Also worthy of note, is the fact that you resisted a nibble of any kind while the audience was partaking in the festivities! An enormous amount of restraint I’m not sure I would be able to have under the circumstances! Please tell Patricia congratulations!!!!!! WOW! SHE IS A ROCKSTAR!!! Happy Holidays to you both! Much love! Margery

Ps Barry had me do something similar in “Old Times” when the actress’ dad passed away suddenly. I had a day of rehearsal, though, before going on that night (the character is reading, so the script was taped inside the book). Being one of Pinter’s more cryptic pieces (is that redundant?), I still am not 100% sure of what I was saying the whole time, but as you know, neither was the WPB audience on certain days, so we were even 😊. And I was never so thankful for those Pinter pauses, which I used to their fullest extent to search for my place in that book!! 😊😊😊

I’m hoping to get to see you in the Spring!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 Cleanse away!!!!!!! Xoxo


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