Nvbuunghh, ‘glaar’ghh

Nvbuunghh, ‘glaar’ghh is of course, the approximate sound of a foghorn in New London, Connecticut in 1912 where Eugene O’ Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night is set.

In our zero-attention-span-smart-phone times sitting through a play with the word ‘long’ in the title may be a challenge. Think of it as binge-watching a family drama which deals in a pre family-therapy era with the emotional undercurrents around denial in a desperate family situation. Anyone touched by the current opioid addiction epidemic will recognize the profoundly disturbing themes of the play.

It is slightly amazing that a theatre in a barn as far north in the USA as you can go without bumping into Canada can field this dark masterpiece immediately following that witty frivolity, The Importance of Being Earnest, with some of the same actors.

http://www.bagaducetheatre.com for details, where Trish Conolly, Broadway veteran (and full disclosure: my wife) has done it again, directing a splendid cast in a formidable production.

I reckon the planet Neptune has a lot to do with this play, if you’re interested in my take on that please go here for more…


Talking of storytelling and the intuitive arts, when I was 19 I was given a deck of tarot cards. I had no idea what to do with them. But later I discovered number, color, seasonal, elemental, runic and other correspondences. The deck is an intuitive lens. Next Tuesday I will be talking about how the cards relate to the planets of the solar system. Get in touch with your inner woo-woo here.

9 thoughts on “Nvbuunghh, ‘glaar’ghh

  1. nickygiblin

    Great stuff Colin. The very best of legs to you bud and love and legs to Trish. Tim.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Colin McPhillamy Post author

      I Hope you’re having a fabulous summer in Italy! I’ll be working in New York from September through to next March, do let me know if you come this way! Love to you both, Colin

  2. mickeyamstel

    Just read this Colin me auld segotia while having a nice cool can of Alpha Greek lager at an outdoor cafe at the corner of Vilou and Selentis watching the Adriatic (I think) lap the shore. I’m sure O Neil would have loved this quiet little seaside town about 30 mins south of Athens and a million miles away from the pressures of Family Dramas. Come to think of it though I have an inkling Sophocles May have had a beer at this very same spot once upon a Time. He had a knack for the family drama himself. Lovely reading up on yours and Trish’s latest adventures. Please give her my love. Mick.


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