The Woo-Woo Page

The woo-woo perspective – 

– we might also call it a holistic, quantum, intuitive take – is not to everyone’s taste. In my own case I have noticed that when I tell friends of my serious interest in astrology and tarot and green energy there is sometimes a non-verbal (or even verbal) reaction that says either:

“Oh, he’s lost it.”

Or: “Oh, he’s found an angle”

Both these views have merit and truth, so this page is the tucked away spot where I let the woo-woo loose …

Eugene O’ Neill and the planet Neptune

Eugene O’ Neill was born in 1888 when the outer planets (using the word planet in its astrological not its astronomical sense) were within 5 degrees of arc of conjunction. This conjunction happens twice per thousand years.

The repeating long cycle of the Pluto/Neptune conjunction (when these planets appear to be in the same place in the sky) sounds a cultural base note and will continue moving through the zodiacal sign of Gemini into the 3800s. Among the many things we might extrapolate from this meeting of these two outer planets in the sign of the twins, is a quickening, enlivening, imaginative development of, exquisite expression of, volcanic transformation of, language; widespread delving, discovery and invention, in literature, music, art, science, exploration, politics, warfare, technology, and just about any activity you can think of.

And living now 120 years later, in an ever accelerating pace of change in all departments, is it possible in hindsight to estimate the last decade or so of the 19th century, give or take some five or ten years either side of the exact conjunction in 1891, as the initial spur of powerful omni-stimulus?

I mention all this here because I reckon the planet Neptune has quite a lot to do with Eugene O’Neill’s play Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

  • O’Neill was born when Neptune and Pluto were within 5 degrees of arc of conjunction.
  • The action of the play takes place in the summer home of the Tyrone family in New London, Connecticut in 1912. In 1912 Neptune was in the sign of Cancer, the first of the Water signs, the most family-oriented of all the signs. Long Day’s Journey is nothing if not a family drama.
  • O’ Neill was writing this play in 1941/42 but he sets it August 1912. In August 1912 transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) was conjunct his natal Moon (his feelings, his connection with ‘home’) in Pisces (the expanded realm).
  • O’ Neill’s natal chart contains a Grand Trine in Water and a T-Square to the Moon in Pisces in the 7th House of relationships. The water element deals with emotion, these aspect patterns indicate a high degree of emotional sensitivity and intensity.
  • Water and fog imagery abound in the play and in other of O’ Neil’s works.
  • James Tyrone’s birth year (James is the father character in the play) is given as 1847. The year after Neptune was discovered.
  • Each of the characters in the play tries to communicate with the others. Miscommunication, denial and evasion abound. There is an abundance of mood-swing behavior.
  • The play deals with addiction to alcohol and addiction to morphine.

These are all Neptunian elements and themes. And here’s some synchronicity:

  • In 1942 when O’ Neill completed Long Day’s Journey, the planet Saturn (lord of self-discipline, procedure, technique and hard work) began the year conjunct his midheaven (point of aspiration) and by May 9th was exactly conjunct the aforementioned Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Gemini in O’Neil’s 10th House of career.
  • O’ Neill was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer prize for Drama in 1957 for Long Day’s Journey Into Night. The prizes are announced in May. On the 10th of May in 1957 Pluto (death/rebirth) was at 27 degrees Leo exactly conjunct O’ Neill’s ascendant (among other things, his reputation)


Science, pseudo-science, quantum science

At one time I was on a quest to have a sensible conversation about astrology with a scientist, or at least someone scientifically educated who could explain some basics of quantum theory to me in layman’s language. I thought that Neils Bohr’s understanding that ‘a particle can also be a field’ had implications. I still think that.

But the quest for such a conversation is on indefinite hold. Whenever I raised the idea with a prospect they would immediately start to drift towards the door and the facial expression told me that I was now regarded as a dangerous lunatic.

Well, I make my case in a brief essay on Astrology published here

Meanwhile I will be speaking on Tuesday 24th July 2018 on the astrological correspondences with the Tarot cards. This has become a niche interest of mine.

On 24th July 2018 Mercury will be getting ready to go retrograde on the 26th, turning direct again on 20th August.

I’m part of the Tarot Telesummit and there are 20 speakers, all looking at a different aspects of this mantic art. It’s a free event.

If you have any interest go here to reserve a spot.