This Guy…

Every now and then you come across someone who is:

Racist, misogynist, bombastic, provocative, ludicrous…

A vulgarian who plumbs new depths of bad taste on a daily basis…

Astonishingly uninformed yet ready to pronounce on all subjects…

And yet (to some of us) very amusing.

One who proclaims himself to be a chic-magnet, a great patriot and ambassador for his country, and who, whilst managing to give near universal offense, is at the same time admired by millions, and has (somehow) been appointed to high office.

You will know at once, that I am speaking of Sir Les Patterson, the Australian Cultural Attache to The Court of St. James. After all, there couldn’t be anyone else like this in public life… could there? Surely not, because if there were, it would be ludicrous without being funny.

Here is some archival footage that may give insight into this phenomenon…

4 thoughts on “This Guy…

  1. Margaret Goldthorpe

    Thank you Colin. Most welcome wit. Could you find something witty to say about Brexit? Please. xx


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