President McPhillamy


Having played the odd monarch and occasional deep thinker, a natural next step might be … politics?

I want to thank the two or three people who might have considered voting for me if I had actually run for president – they know who they are and I thank them. In the end I am happy to say, not one single person ticked my box on the ballot. For the excellent reason that my name was not on it. However, to those few who might conceivably in some alternate universe, have voted for me, to them and to the hundreds of millions who actively did not vote for me, I am grateful.

As you may (or may not) remember, my campaign was predicated on a single policy:


Don’t be a drongo *
* (Drongo: Australian colloquialism meaning “Silly fellow”, “Idiot”, “Waste of space”)

Here are a few policy suggestions in lieu of an actual McPhillamy Presidency:
1. Plant more trees.
2. Meditate now and then.
3. Never watch cable news. (If you are unsure how to kick the habit. The following one-step process will help. Step one: disconnect your television and throw it through the {open} window)

National: (USA specific)
1. Explain to the characters who run Big Oil, they could make just as much money with wind, wave and solar power, and they would get a lot of good karma for saving the planet instead of destroying it. Use some of dough in the Big Oil offshore savings accounts & some of the war chest billions to support those workers who would be out of a job.

2. Commission the design of a water-powered motor car. Repair all the bridges and roads nationwide, with the possible exception of Manhattan in New York City, where hazardous sidewalks, streets and avenues give an added theme-park excitement to a taxi ride.

3. Require all national leaders to demonstrate accomplishment in one or several of the following: yoga, calculus, ability to listen, yearly detox, t’ai chi, flower arranging, chess, non-violence, fluency in at least one foreign language, organic gardening, ability to name countries and capitals worldwide, courtesy, self-control, above high-school use of English, demonstrated refusal to accept a high degree of inequitable privilege (e.g.: waiving the government healthcare plan until all citizens are similarly insured), recycling, cycling, thorough acquaintance with “The Republic” by Plato (which explains to the letter how what has just happened, happened, and should therefore be no surprise to anyone with any developed political understanding and least of all to the “Liberal left-wing media”).

Assist all efforts foreign and domestic to desist from poisoning the air, the earth, and the seas. Implement clean, green, lean technology at every level. Talk to Dolphins and to Whales, listen to the messages carried on the wind. Plant more trees.

I am Colin McPhillamy and I approved this message.

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Love you, Colin. Could I add to this?
Resist the Temptation of Lazy Science. Your electric car might just be supporting the coal industry…Many people don’t know how/where their electricity is generated…

Dear, Dear Colin,
A huge thank you for your policy suggestions: Personal AND National! How to proceed, indeed,
under this cloud of despair one moment and rage the next. Just lifting my limbs off the floor
after a bit of Yoga in the sunlight pouring through the windows. Your words encourage me
to now “get-on with it” and start with meditating followed by a walk and shopping for
grocery supplies. A bit late in the season to plant a tree; we will come Spring! Til’ then,
we’ll be planting tulip, crocus, daffodil bubs, etc. There is a bit of being ever hopeful in that
labor. Do our best not to poison the air any further. Appreciate your humor and challenging
suggestions. A beginning! Love to you and Trish, Jenny

You have my vote
Such a shame you were not available
IF this remains a democracy how about next time!!!!!!!!!

Seems as if my comment not there-I REPEAT
My vote you have next time if our democracy is there and I have a chance to use it!!!!!

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