In 1593…

In the 1590s they closed the theatres in London because there were outbreaks of plague. The longest period of closure was from February 1593 for about a year when Philip Henslowe (you saw his character in Shakespeare in Love, played by Geoffrey Rush) was made to close the Rose Theatre.

Theatre people are not strangers to sudden changes in the continuity of work, and yesterday as I’m sure everyone knows by now, all Broadway theatres were ordered closed on the authority of the New York State governor, Andrew Cuomo.


Me on hearing the news

The Broadway community of actors, musicians and other performers, technicians, stage mangers, front-of-house staff, box office, stage door, cleaners; as well as agents, lawyers, designers, directors, choreographers, general managers, producers, publicists, critics, and others; as well as all the local auxiliary businesses – bars, restaurants – physical therapists … it amounts to several hundred thousand people in our immediate community, and of course the ripples will go far beyond that.

And what about the patrons from far and wide and all the $$$ they bring?

So; the usual personal question when a gig comes to a scheduled end, “Will I ever work again?”, when the hiatus – (no one has said it’s the end yet), comes as a shock, although somewhat expected, the question now becomes one for the global collective, “WTF IS GOING ON?!?”

Having said that: Hangmen was in previews, and performances of this truly fascinating play were going brilliantly. Let’s hope we can bounce back. Watch this space for updates.

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Hello my friend! Still wondering if we will open ‘The Light in the Piazza’ on 4/3. I had the great good fortune of sitting 5th row center for ‘Hamilton’ at The Arsht Center in Miami last Tuesday. Not an empty seat in the house! A friend saw Miss Saigon at The Kravis Centre last Saturday and and noticed that the attendance was sparse. They just cancelled all performances 5 minutes ago! Strange times…Thanks for the info above! Shakespeare in Love is hands down my favorite movie of all time. I shudder to tell you how many times I have seen it!!!

Your Picture posted is my Face too and all of us on Broadway 😳😬🤔- stay positive friend. God willing we will all be back soon.
xxoo Susan

Thanks Colin, Vary insightful. I am still waiting to hear if Bill is going to cancel the PBD work show.




Colin, I’m sorry about your show and I have to admit to weeping when I heard about all of Broadway going dark for a month. On a smaller scale, I was in previews for a show in Sacramento and we were suspended as of yesterday for two weeks for now. It’s a crazy time.
I wish I could just go home where at least I know where I am and I can gather with friends. But alas….so we keep on. Much love to you…Beth

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