A Monologue You Will Never Hear

Happy New Year!

Among the many monologues you will never hear, we include this from the (Australian/American/British) – fill in the gap – (Prime Minister/President/Almost all senior officials) in public address.

“My fellow (Australians/Americans/Britons ) the time has come to admit that we have completely fucked it up. Our politics are uselessly toxic, and we are destroying the Earth.

Devastating and deadly floods and fires are on the increase the world over. We are now forced to confront what environmentalists have been attempting to bring to notice for more than fifty years. We of the ruling classes have hitherto chosen to distort, deny, delay, obfuscate, ridicule and in every way ignore the responsible warnings of scientists, conservationists and concerned citizens.

Beyond this, we have filled the airwaves with unending speeches of self-congratulatory lies and international xenophobic aggression while we knowingly continued to allow massive pollution and environmental degradation on all fronts, to the extent that the seas are dying and our food is toxic. We did this even when, especially when, feasible solutions were offered to us.

We in government have all had a complete change of heart. This is due to an outbreak of Common Sense, and we are now taking immediate action. Our measures will include:

Creation and distribution of 100% clean energy from wind, wave, solar, geo-thermal.

We realize this initiative will be met with resistance, in the aforementioned form of; distortion, denial, delay, obfuscation, and ignorance.

And lots of anger.



“Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.”

Middle-aged white men in positions of power who find themselves so enraged are referred to:

It merely remains for me to thank you for listening, I acknowledge that we never did that, and my resignation takes place with immediate effect.

Happy New Year.”

5 thoughts on “A Monologue You Will Never Hear

  1. Terence Clarke

    Hear! Hear!

    And a happy new year to you both, and to your boys.

    With live, Terry

    On Thu, 2 Jan 2020 at 5:22 am, McPhillamyActorBlog wrote:

    > Colin McPhillamy posted: “Happy New Year! Among the many monologues you > will never hear, we include this from the (Australian/American/British) – > fill in the gap – (Prime Minister/President/Almost all senior officials) in > public address. “My fellow (Australians/Americans/Britons” >

  2. Marla Del Collins

    Trying this again! 🙂
    Thanks for the New Year Monologue. You get it. All roads lead to denying women (and other minorities) equality (the sharing of “power”) through human rights. The deconstruction of patriarchy is unfolding (I hope it will not be an end to us all!) We are face-to face with what is clinically called “male depression” that will not culminate in suicide. I’m optimistic however for chaos is the transitional period in generative order and may lead to fresh awareness and happier times! – Slán for now — M

  3. RP

    If I were a world leader I would write and ask you if I could speak this speech verbatim … the EFFECT it would have! Surely someone in power would want to own these words? “Aah, I know of none so devoted!” …or indeed brilliant! BRavo Colin!


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