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Actor Blog Plus

A choice curation of blog posts which first appeared here on this very site. Including previously unpublished material in the form of pre-show excitement, post-show analysis, op-ed, and gossip and a personal invitation to lunch with the author to discuss future projects.




An Actor Walks into China

As the title suggests, acting in the Middle Kingdom and some of the delight that ensued. Glancing too at cross-cultural confusion. A singular odyssey, from Broadway to Beijing and back. Actually from Little Rock to the capital of China, retuning via a season in London.



The Tree House and Other Stories

A collection first broadcast on BBC Radio, including Capital Gains which was nominated for the Prix Italia and starred the late, great Peter Jones, best known for his incomparable voice-over work in The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and numerous appearances on the inimitable game show, Just A Minute.


Each of these books is self-published via the Amazon subsidiary, CreateSpace.

Why so?

Because now days anyone can. In my career as a freelance actor and writer, I have lost count of the number of circular conversations with salaried people in a position to green-light a project, but who are in no hurry to do so. It seems natural and sensible to go around rather than through the many levels of persuasion necessary to make anything happen!

Mark Twain would have approved.