November Diary 2018

This page is an experiment…

November 12th

One hundred years yesterday since the first World War ended. My Aussie paternal grandfather (I never knew him) fought at both The Somme and Gallipoli, one of the few men that survived both arenas. Once I was commissioned to record a volume of war diaries from that conflict. The calibre of the men described was impressive, only underlining the utter madness of the whole thing.

Working on Broadway at the moment. Understudying. Also known by the more tasteful term of ‘covering’ – which sounds like something out of a stud farm – or ‘standing by’ – which sounds like something from a budget airline. Colleagues assume that I’m straining to go on in the show. Oddly, I have very little interest in doing so – several reasons. The first being that the guys playing the parts are all very good, all seasoned pros.

One prepares of course, it would be silly not to. To say nothing of tempting the Gods of the stage, but there is some time in the gig which can be used for other purposes. There are worse ways to get paid; principally by working. Well I’ve done working and I’m no fan. Opining here of course that acting is not work. It’s play. Or it should be.

Tuesday November 13th

Strange how, even largely inactive during the show, one can feel tired after a day off with that back-at-work feeling…

I took my one solid meal of the day at the Grand Central food court which offers world cuisine – or rather, fast food from all corners. I’d had a vegetable juice for breakfast and a miso soup for lunch so directly the train arrived I bought a portion of lamb curry and a little salty, spicy and peppery though it was, it was delicious.

I sat there reading the latest copy of The Mountain Astrology (the trade rag) and the predictions on the coming Pluto/Saturn conjunction in January 2020. Nothing cheery, and yes, we’re seeing the effects already.

I had considered a hot yoga class but decided to wait a week. So instead spent time today reading, punctuated by an hour with the lines which are still there. I bemoaned the weakening memory with Glynis, and we agreed that when we were young we never needed to do this, at least not as much.

Then I watched an episode of Rake, an Aussie legal drama set in Sydney. New to me, and populated with actors I know and with some of whom I’ve shared a stage. This, the excellent Peaky Blinders and The Fear lead me to observe that Neptune in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn is all about the glamorization of heavy-duty crime.

These two outer planets have been traveling in sextile since 1950 and will continue to do so until 2032 – so, no change there…