Links n Stuff

Breaking news!: the rooms where I consult with clients in midtown Manhattan have availability. Comfortable, mellow vibe, easy terms great rates. for details!

In alphabetical order…

Airbnb! I have used this all over the place, UK, Canada, USA, N.Z. I think it’s a brilliant idea. If it appeals to you and you sign up via this link, we both get cash credit!

Astrology & Tarot: this is my day job.

Books: my books are available at Amazon

Connectivity: if you need more Colin McPhillamy in your life what about Facebook, also Linkedin, for the literary-minded Goodreads, of course Twitter, at YouTube you can find my small cache of niche art-house shorts.

Plastic: I use an Amex card which gives me points for hotels, I find it useful, if you think you might be interested there are points for both of us to be had. Send me an email at put HOTEL in the subject line and I’ll send you the link. USA only.

Saving the Planet: Greenpeace.

YouTube: book promo here comedy short here