Green Ideas

March 2020 Summary

We are 170 members.

Obviously the world has changed since this group started and we are now in the grip of a global crisis.

It seems to me that with the respite from all the toxicity, the planet is getting a chance to recover somewhat.

The question is: if, as, and when this all calms down, will we institute the new technologies that are already available, and move to clean energy?

January 2020 Summary


So this month there have been posts on, in no particular order: Tree planting, fossil-fuel-free advertising, clean water, non-toxic deodorant, (limited) governmental action, eco-farming, positive action by the young.

As of this writing we are 120 members.

I started this group on the spur as it were. I’ve been a long time armchair green. My interest has been lifelong. In the last year of my teens I lived on a commune for a few months in North Yorkshire. We ate home-grown vegetable soup (every day) and we composted, and shared some sort of utopian vision. Since then I have been someone who (mostly) re-cycles, would like to vote Green but feels it is not responsible to do so given the way representation is set up, and verges on either depression or rage when I come across the latest political absurdity, the latest corporate ecocidal madness, or the quotidian toxic opinion kool-aid that passes for news these days.

And that’s about the limit of my involvement.

I feel disempowered.

I have always estimated a regular meditation practice as about the most significant social contribution an individual can make – I am an irregular practitioner myself. See previous post here for thoughts on this.

But is meditation or composting or re-cycling enough? Er… probably not.

What then can a concerned citizen do in the face of ecological catastrophe?

Take to the streets? Hmn…

Much as I admire those who do, and particularly Ms. G. Thunberg who, as I’ve said before, I consider to be a heroine of our times – somewhat on the order of courage of Joan of Arc, I have grave doubts as to the efficacy of popular protest. Why so?

Well there’s the example (one among many) of a million-plus demonstrators in more than three continents against the wars in the Middle-East. Put this against the unedifying spectacle of governmental inertia, denial, and criminal prosecution of war.

Does one write plays of protest then? Ok, if you can write a good one. But…

Consider David Hare’s play, Stuff Happens. It played (as you might expect from one of the most acclaimed contemporary playwrights in the English language) to sold-out houses in London, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. Did it alter government policy in the tinniest scruple of one ounce? Well you don’t need me to answer that…

This is all a long way to say three things:

  1. I reckon the saving of the biosphere is the crisis of this century and if we don’t pull it off we are completely f**K*d.
  2. A Facebook group which spreads ideas could be a positive contribution, along with re-cycling, composting, eating clean, and maybe yes, even meditation.
  3. If you like the idea of the group, please re-post anything that appeals to you and consider inviting others.

Thank you!